The Speak Hope Share Hope Campaign

Saturday, May 29, 2021 9:00 am
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98five Speak Hope Share Hope kitsHey you! So you found yourself a Share Hope Card. We’re glad you did so let us explain…

Have you noticed that even though the direct impact of Covid19 has decreased over the last few months (in Australia) what has grown in its place is a presence of heightened anxiety, polarisation and general angst in our community?

It seems like no matter where you look whether, on tv, radio, social media, news or even at the local shops the conversations being had are just saddening and anxiety-inducing.

This is why this June we are launching the #SpeakHopeShareHope campaign. We believe we have the responsibility (and the ability) to speak hope and share hope louder and larger than ever before to a world that seems to be crying out for something better.

Enter, the Speak Hope Share Hope Kit! Below, you’ll find nine positive Share Hope Cards that you can send or give to people you come across that may need a bible-based positive message of hope. It can change someone’s day and maybe even your own!


The Share Hope Cards are a tangible, physical way to speak hope and share hope in our community. Here’s how to use them:

Are you giving a Share Hope Card?

  1. Download them!
  2. Print them off and cut them out!
  3. Give a Share Hope Card to someone in your life that needs to hear the positive message of hope. (hint: these are really great icebreakers if you’ve been wanting to check in on a friend and haven’t been sure how to start the conversation.) Or leave your Share Hope Card in a public place for everyone to see!
  4. Take a photo of it, send it to us or share it on your social media with #SpeakHopeShareHope and tag us @98five

Have you received a Share Hope Card?

  1. Place your card somewhere you will see it often. (Near a mirror or on your fridge for the whole family.)
  2. Every time you see it, take a deep breath and read it out loud, really focus on the meaning of each word.
  3. Take a photo of it, send it to us or share it on your social media with #SpeakHopeShareHope and tag us @98five


98five Speak Hope Share Hope kitsWhy Share Hope Cards?

We are told to speak kind words to others, but for some reason, we have trouble speaking kind words to ourselves. Why is it such a struggle to encourage ourselves?!

The more that you associate yourself with positivity, the more positive you’ll become. If you speak something over yourself enough times, you will eventually believe it. When you truly believe you can do something, your actions often follow.

And the opposite is true too. If you are speaking negatively over your life, you will become more and more pessimistic. Eventually, you will feel that you are the negative words that you are speaking. If you speak positivity in your life you will grow into being a positive person. Studies have shown that people who stop negative self-talk also notice reduced stress levels.

Make a practice of speaking encouraging words to yourself and we guarantee that you will notice a difference in your mood. The great thing about making this a practice is that others will begin to notice. It will become contagious and others around you will become more positive as well.

Download your share hope kit here

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