The Royal Influence in Australia

Friday, September 16, 2022 2:35 pm
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Grant Dusting from McCrindle (or as they like to call him Stat-Man) joined Kirste and Dan to discuss The Queen and royal influence in Australia.

Often when people think of the monarchy, they think of outdated traditions. That older Australians who have a British or European heritage are more likely to have a connection to it. But there are some hints that the royals also influence the younger generation, especially baby names. Names like George, Charlotte and Louis were going out of fashion but are starting to come back. Charlotte has been the most popular girl name since Princess Charlotte was born. “Something in people’s minds is saying actually I really like that. There is a nostalgia there.”

The last visit the Queen made to Perth was in 2011 for the Commonwealth Head of Government meeting. At the time Alkimos was still mostly farmland with only 61 residents. Fast forward to 2022 and there are now 14, 000 people that call Alkimos home. That is a 23 528% growth over the past 11 years! Elizabeth Quay did not exist at the time and was named after the Queen shortly after she visited. “That will forever be a legacy that we can remember Queen Elizabeth by.

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