The Road to Quit Smoking…What Can You Do? Where Do You Start?

2 June 2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Are you trying to quit smoking?

Dr Stuart Arbuckle joined Mike to give his professional advice on how to quit this addictive habit. Quitting can be difficult, especially if it has become part of your daily life. “If you are used to going out for a smoke and standing with your work buddies and having a cigarette several times a day. Then giving that up can be a part of the social aspect of your work.”

“The benefit of quitting smoking kicks in about 20 minutes after your last cigarette….but the key milestone for me is if you’ve gone 5 years without smoking then your risk of stroke is that of someone who hasn’t smoked.”

If you are having trouble quitting smoking talk to your GP or pharmacist and they can give you advice and support. “We always welcome that discussion because if it is something that improves somebody’s health and prevents them from seeing us more often.”

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