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Photo from Channel 10

The Project will be in Perth, to celebrate WA’s borders finally opening.

They will be broadcasting live from King’s Park all week, and include live crosses to some of the beautiful locations WA has to offer. Kirste and Dan had a chat with Peter Helliar who is excited to be in Perth. ”It is wonderful to finally be here after two and a half years of being locked out of the cool kid’s house.” Although King’s Park is wonderful, he is a bit jealous of Rove McManus who got to visit Ningaloo. “He’s also heading to Margaret River. He’s going to Rottnest. He must know someone in the company.

Peter is known for his segment ‘Viral Vednesdays’ where he shares a viral video each week. But unfortunately there were some segments that didn’t work as well. “One segment called Gate O’clock. Was something funny that happened involving a gate. Then there was when your voice doesn’t match your face. People who got interviewed whose voice surprised us.” Peter also reflected on his early career when he was on Rove. “People have a lot of love for that show and we had a great time doing it.” 

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