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Kyle shared his story of how rejection lead him down the path of drug addiction, but how a love and passion for music helped him on the road to recovery.

“Living in the world I was lost. It was the most beautiful thing when I figured out and realised by personal revelation that the gift I was given, and the ability that it enabled me to encourage others as well as myself. I discovered my love for music but I then realised whose gift it was (God’s). It certainly brought a lot of clarity within how I was to use what God had given me, and it was for his glory! I was playing a lot of music before I entered a relationship with God. Now I understand that it’s much more fulfilling to play for the Lord rather than for the World.”

Whilst standing in the dark in the Adult/Teen Challenge Chapel one night Kyle wrote the song “Greater Things”, which he played for 98five listeners. You can hear it by listening to the Podcast below.

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