The Power of Community

Friday, November 19, 2021 2:12 pm
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Craig Hunter, Deputy Principal and Teacher at Rehoboth Christian College, joined us for Radiothon!

Craig has noticed a lot of pressure on families. Parents have a sense that they are not doing enough and feel like they are struggling. He believes 98five helps bring assurance. “Sonshine does that across so many fields. It’s okay to struggle it’s okay to go through tough times but there is hope.”

When Craig moved from Adelaide to Perth 10 years ago with his wife and five sons. It took time for him to rebuild a sense of community. But during a lonely time 98five became a reference point of connection that helped him get involved.

“Our world is getting so fragmented, our world is getting so fearful, so the message of hope and the message of faith is even more essential now than it ever has been!”

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