The never-ending-battle of the missing charger

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 3:44 pm
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No matter how many chargers Shannon buys, it never seems to be enough! They always go missing. She thought she had out-smarted her three sons when she hid a lone cord in her room. And yet, they found it. AND NOW they bring their devices into HER room. In HER space while she’s trying to have some quiet time – ugh!

Kirste thought that labelling all the cords so that her girls can’t pinch each other’s would help – but that hasn’t stopped them.

Dan had quite a clever solution. He has a wireless charger next to his bed, and his kids (who use iPads but not phones) can’t charge their devices on a wireless charger! It seems like every parent is fighting this never-ending-battle of missing chargers. Maybe if we all come together we can come up with a solution, to defeat the gremlins that come into the house late at night and hide all the cords, once and for all. Do you have any suggestions for Shannon and The Brekky team? Help us out – send us a message on our socials!

Shannon is Kirste’s best mate and regular guest on 98five’s Breakfast Show. While Perth recovers from another lockdown, we chatted to Shan over Zoom instead of in the studio.
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