The Misconception of Men’s Mental Health

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 2:09 pm
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Men find difficult to speak about their mental health so women are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illness. In 2017, 75% of suicides in the UK were men. So Adrian Munro, from Richmond Wellbeing, joined Mike to discuss some of the misconceptions surrounding Men’s mental health.

Men don’t care about mental health

A lot of people think men don’t care about mental health. When a friend expresses their mental distress they might say: “You’ll be alright. Just get over it.” Although it may seem like they don’t care, it’s actually because they don’t know how to response. Most men are wired to find a solution when there is a problem. So when a friend expresses their mental health issues, they feel pressured to solve it and panic for a response. “Most men are quite caring they are willing to help but we can easily misunderstand their response and think they are not caring.” It is worth reassuring them that you aren’t looking for a solution and that you just want them to listen.

Men aren’t in touch with their emotions

It’s not that they aren’t in touch with their emotions, they just can’t describe what they are feeling. Headspace and Beyond Blue are great resources that can help them explain what they are experiencing. “It’s reassuring for people when they read up and they think oh so I’m living with some anxiety. I didn’t realise if I go to a psychologist it can be treat.”

I can’t be a good husband/father/son if I have a mental health issue

Some men feel they let their family down they can’t be good father or husband with mental distress. If you sense a man in your life is experiencing this, reassure them that you are proud of them.

“There are lots of people living with mental health challenges who are absolutely fantastic spouses, fantastic fathers have great happy marriages. They still a great son to their parents. If you are thinking anything other than that it is not true.”

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