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What is one of the key factors when it comes to substance abuse and some of the brokenness that we’re dealing with? Fatherlessness.

Research shows 69% of young people who are struggling with addictive behaviours are living in a fatherless society. Steve Hall, from Adult/Teen Challenge, joined Mike to shared a story about Paul who lost the relationship he had with his children due to his drug and alcohol addiction. “Paul was getting alongside one of the young guys and he said ‘I love being a surrogate father to this guy because he’s never had a real father’.” This was a change in Paul because he felt like he let his own kids down. But here he is able to be the father he should’ve been and wanted to be but couldn’t be because of his addiction.

Paul first entered the program at Adult and Teen Challenge in November 2019. After a 10 year battle with alcoholism that saw him serve jail time and lose most of his relationships. “But I found myself not doing the program truly for myself…I went straight back to my old ways and my drinking got out of control again.

But fortunately he was able to get back on track. “I had a black out crossing the road and fell over in front of traffic. Where I was told I almost got hit by a car. I had to make a decision to humble myself and go back to ATC and start the program again.”

Adult/Teen Challenge are looking for volunteers to staff their program. Give their Perth office  a call to register your interest. Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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