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This afternoon Scitech officially broke the news via Facebook that “the crown” of its planetarium has been removed.

The iconic dome above Scitech was originally constructed in the early 1980s. The once beautiful twinkling lights that decorated the dome have been out for quite some time now. So, the structure has been removed to make way for something new in the coming months.

Gossip began swirling across Tiktok earlier this week. A user shared footage of a truck carrying a structure, that was eerily similar to the City West dome, on its carriage travelling down  Roe Highway.

Since this post, users across social media have shared instances of the dome appearing atop other historical Perth architectural sites.

Optus Stadium, Forrest Place, the Bayswater Bridge, even our Premiere’s head.

The Scitech dome atop Optus Stadium captured by @perth_drone_shots


The iconic Scitech "dome" has been seen appearing across Perth

Bayswater Bridge by @MainRoadsWA

We have reached out to Scitech and City West for a comment. Is this a planned artistic tour? Is it an ode to the historical significance the dome has in our city? Or is this the work of a rogue protester who did not want to say goodbye to the iconic symbol?

Only time will tell.

Forrest Place shared on Teens_of_Perth Facebook group


The iconic Scitech "dome" has been seen appearing across Perth

Mark McGowan at a Perth Town Hall press conference.

Please note this article is satirical in nature.

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