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The Holden Hotline is open! This morning The Brekky Show opened the phone lines up to all you Holden lovers out there. This came after automotive giant General Motors announced that they were going to make the Holden brand obsolete by the end of the year. Maybe you drive one now, maybe it was your first? Either way, we can all agree Holden is an Aussie icon.

So let’s think back fondly

Kirste’s was a Holden family growing up. Her dad had many, but there was one in particular that outshone them all. A bright red Kingswood. Kirste was about 7 or 8 years old and this vehicle was immaculate. In it’s big, boxy glory with majestic paint and perfect interior and we can’t forget the metal Venetian blinds on the inside of the windows! She and her sisters were absolutely not allowed to touch the blinds in fear they would bend. Kirste has great memories of her dad laying underneath the Kingswood on a Saturday morning, tinkering with bits and pieces while she sat next to him and chewed his ear off.

Holden Hotline tell us your memories with your car

Mike asked if her Kingswood had a bench seat. “Most Holdens did and I used to love sitting in the middle!”

“Oh yes, we did!” Kirste replied, “Me and my sister used to fight to sit on the bench in the front.”

Mike had so many Holdens, the EJ, HK, HR, HG, HQ, but his favourite had to be the Monaro. It had two doors, original white paint.

Holden Hotline tell us your memories with your car

“One night I was driving my brother and some mates when I had to pull over. My brother undid the door, and the Monaro had these giant, heavy doors, so the door opened and the bottom corner of the door got stuck in the bank of dirt on the roadside. I put it in reverse and the door snapped clean off its hinges. I had to drive home with only one door.”

One of the best stories we heard was from David from High Wycombe who called us this morning.

“A mate of mine owned a HT. A whole bunch of us had piled into it and we stopped for coffee. A fella came up to us and asked us to help him get into his car because he locked his keys in. We said ‘sorry mate we’re not any good at breaking into cars.’ He said we’d got him wrong, he had the same car as us and wanted to check if our key would open his. We wandered over there and sure enough my mates key opened up his car! He went on to tell us that for that model, they only made about half a dozen keys!”

Have a listen to David’s story for yourself below.

What’s your Holden memory? Whether it’s recent or back in the day, we want to hear it on the Holden Hotline. Text us or join the conversation on Facebook.

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