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Once a week Jeziel and Leon share a fun fact they’ve learnt over the last seven days, something that will make you raise an eyebrow and say ” sayy whhhhat?!” Whether you believe it or not – that’s up to you!

While researching the makeup of the elements used to build the Great Wall of China, scientists at the Zhejiang University in China made a pretty surprising discovering. Added to the usual mix of limestone and water was … sticky rice!

The researchers tested the sticky rice mix against a more “traditional” mix and found that the sticky rice recipe is much more stable. They determined that using sticky rice as a construction ingredient was one of the greatest innovations of the Ming dynasty, helping their structures survive earthquakes and the elements.

If you’ve ever tried to remove caked-on rice from the bottom of a pot, you know how strong it can be!

But that’s not the only fun-fact that attributes to its “Wonder of the World” status.

Did you know it took almost 2,000 years to build? The building commenced in 220 BC by Emperor Qin Shi Huang and wasn’t completed until the 17th century! The official length clocks at an impressive 21,195 KMs however, sadly, over one-third of the wall no longer exists, so the solid wall that is still standing is, comparatively, a mere 2,700 KM in length.

It is estimated that over 400,000 died while constructing the wall, earning it the eery nickname “The Longest Cemetery in the World”.

How many of these fun facts were you aware of? For Jeziel, this was all new information, so let him know if you’ve learnt something too! Join the conversation on Facebook or text him.


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