The Four day work week has proven to be a success

5 December 2022

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The verdict is in: A four-day work week is good for business.

Most of the 33 companies trialling the schedule are unlikely to go back to a standard working week. 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit organisation, collaborated with researchers at Boston College, University College Dublin and Cambridge University fFor the trial, where employees only worked four days of the week without a reduction in pay. 

Twenty-seven companies responded to the survey saying they were not planning on returning to their former five-day routine. The trial was good for company earnings, as the average revenue rose 38 per cent when compared to the same period last year. About 97 per cent of the 495 employees said they wanted to continue with a four-day week, reporting lower levels of stress, fatigue, insomnia, burnout, and improvements in physical and mental health. 

Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology at Boston College and the trial’s lead researcher, said that employees did not report an increase in the intensity of their work. “This suggests that the work reorganisation strategy succeeded and performance was not achieved via [speeding up], which is neither sustainable nor desirable.” 

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