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The Chosen is a series that digs deeper into the life of Jesus through the eyes of those who met him. The Chosen

One of the stars of the Chosen, George Xanthis joined Kirste and Dan to talk about his role, the amazing funding effort, and the release of season one. It is the #1 most crowdfunded TV series $10 million from over 19 000 people. “The love that his has from people all over the world is amazing.”

In this series George plays John the disciple, but it isn’t his first time playing a John. He also took on the role of John Travolta in the Olivia newton John story. But is enjoying his current role a lot more “John the disciple everyday of the week has been incredible.

From tomorrow, you can buy season 1 of the chosen DVD from Koorong along with a bunch of other merch! Have you watched the Chosen, Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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