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Last Friday on Weekdays, Mike was joined by Rick Ardon, Pastor Phil Ayres and Craig Hunter to talk about the biggest challenge faced by Dads today.


Although technology has created new and exciting possibilities, it has also brought new parenting challenges. Pastor Phil thinks technology makes it difficult to be personally present with the people who matter most. Because we have multiple platforms of communication there is always pressure to be somewhere. “Practicing being present is such a key to living a rich and beautiful experience with people. I think that’s the biggest challenge.” 

Craig agreed that technology has made it difficult to establish a sense of community and family. “When I chat to Dads, we all feel guilty that we’re not doing the job we want to do.” Rick said technology and social media can also misinform children on topics that were supposed to be taught by their parents. “We embrace change but we need to find a way to make a positive change. It’s exciting what technology is doing but at the same time we have to stay in touch with a basic goodness in our lives I believe that comes from God.

What do you think is the biggest challenge dads face today? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. The dads answered a few questions around fatherhood. Watch the whole panel above or listen to just this question below.

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