The Big Bird Bandits escape jail time

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 2:46 pm
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The best Kmart dupe

Shoppers are rushing to get their hands on the $30 Kmart cast iron pot, that is a perfect dupe for the $450 Le Creuset version. Mummy influencers are raving about the pots that come in a baby pink and sage green colour.

Tiktok: @lunamoor

James Corden’s hair

James Corden, host of the Late Late Show, only washes his hair once every two months! Los Angeles residents have been asked to cut the time of their shower in half, due to a water shortage. So he revealed his showers take seconds as he rarely washes his hair. “I’m in and out in three or four minutes. I use soap but I don’t wash my hair. I wash it every two months.”

Big Bird Bandits escape jail time

The trio who stole a rare big bird costume have escaped jail time. ‘The Big Bird Bandits’ stole the $160 000 costume in April last year from the Sesame Street Circus Spectacular in Adelaide. Within days they returned the costume and apologised with a note.

“We were just having a rough time and were trying to cheer ourselves up. We had a great time with Mr Bird. He’s a great guy and no harm came to our friend. Sorry to be such a big birden. Sincerely, the Big Bird Bandits”

They were relieved to escape jail time and instead received a $500 good behaviour bond for two years and community service.

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