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Every Wednesday Bec and Jeziel each share something mind-blowing that they have learnt in the last 7 days!

Today I learnt…

In Mississippi, it was legal to sell your child until 2009.

When a woman tried to sell her granddaughter for $2000 and a car, it was discovered that there was no law to punish her under. This led Bec down a rabbit hole of strange laws around the world. In Western Australia, it is an offence to be in possession of more than 50kg of potatoes. Unless you have purchased the potatoes from a grower or retailer authorised by the Potato Corporation. Police also have the authority to stop and search a vehicle suspected of carrying more than 50kg of potatoes! In Melbourne, it is against the law to vacuum between 10pm and 7am during weekdays, and 10pm and 9am during weekends.

Today I learnt…

There are rotating water slides!

The AquaSpinner and Slidewheel Water Slide are like Ferris wheels combined with a water slide. You can go down the slide in a group of four on giant rubber rings. Then you go back and forth in a pendulum motion due to the continuous rotation. Check out the video below, apparently the motion of the slides makes you feel like you’re experiencing zero-gravity!

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