The 98five Family mAshes countdown is on!

Monday, December 7, 2015 10:43 am
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Things are heating up as we prepare for the showdown this Friday afternoon during Drive.

Kirste and Morro have been busy rounding up teams, Morro being North and Kirste South,  and the ‘friendly’ cricket game for a great cause looks like it is going to be a game of epic proportions.

K and M

We also unveiled the sensational trophy created by one of the brekky listeners Ainsley.

“I took my inspiration from the 1920s with a straight line theme and the black and gold colour scheme and the size of the trophy was guided by how good it will look when Morro raises it above his head for the North!”


Mashes trphy

That trophy has definitely stepped the competition up a notch. This started a barrage of listeners coming forth joining teams.

“I can open the batting for the south, wanting to beat Morro!”


Are you going to join the 98five family mAshes and be part of the greatest game of cricket for a great cause… as well as a fantastic afternoon of frivolous fun, food and classic catches? Register on line today!

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