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 Children’s learning specialist Natalie Nicholls, joined Mike to share the 3 R’s you need to maximise learning for your kids.

1. Relationships

Did you know that positive emotions improve learning? The foundation to a child’s development and learning is the relationship they have with their parents. When a parent and child have a good relationship, the child is happier which releases positive emotions.

“As adults we can really struggle to find our inner child, to find our inner fun and silliness. But if we get away from that, let our guards down, we play with our kids and stop being afraid, we can have so many amazing learning experiences with our kids and build that relationship.”

2. Repetition

We’ve all heard practice makes perfect, but how much practice makes perfect?  According to research, achieving true automaticity, even of simple skills, requires hundreds of hours of practice. If a child is reading  very slowly, those words have not become automatic for that child yet. They need to see and say those words hundreds of times. Some kids require more and some less, but eventually through repetition they’ll get it.

3. Routines

Unless learning is scheduled somewhere in the day, life takes us along like a river and time can flit away. If you do not have set routines to engage in experiences with your child, then its less likely to happen. Routines create stability and a sense of security.

How do you incorporate the 3 R’s into your child’s learning. Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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