Top 10 tips for staying healthy during pregnancy

Thursday, November 17, 2016 11:53 am
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Leon Piper | Mornings producer

Pregnancy is a magical time, but it can be daunting knowing you’re suddenly trying to do the best for two people and looking after the health of two bodies.


We all know that it’s a no-go to smoke and drink while pregnant. But what about dietary concerns and other health aspects? Regular Mornings’ guests naturopath Melanie Jaye shared some tips on maintaining your health and your baby’s:

  1. Keep up your iron intake. During pregnancy you need at least 24mg per day, which may be difficult for vegetarians and vegans, so consider an iron supplement.
  2. Take your iron with vitamin C, the vitamin helps the body to absorb the iron.
  3. Folate is invaluable in the early stages of pregnancy, and even beforehand. Green vegetables and leafy foods are a good source — 600μg is a good target.
  4. Obviously the health of the father is important too, so a good zinc intake is vital.
  5. Iodine is invaluable, but it may be hard to get a healthy amount. Seafood is high in iodine, but you may need to consider a supplement.
  6. Avoid vitamin A supplements. You may need to check your multivitamin to ensure it doesn’t contain vitamin A.
  7. Good nutrition before conception is important. A blood test with your GP can tell you if you need any supplements.
  8. Fibre and fluids help keep things moving and healthy. Try to aim for at least two litres of water per day.
  9. A pure and whole food diet should not be ignored. Vegetable smoothies, and freshly prepared meals.
  10. Protein is power, and you need it! Chicken, lentils and kidney beans are good sources. Eggs should always be cooked thoroughly though.

Chatting with the staff at your local pharmacy or health food store is always a good idea, as well as regular doctors visits.

Check out the podcast below to hear what else Mel has to say on the topic:

Podcast: naturopath Melanie Jaye talks pregnancy tips

Melanie joins Mike on Mornings every second Thursday

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