A taste of spring to come

Monday, September 11, 2017 1:43 pm
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If you’re sick and tired of winter, then I’ve got some great news for you. After 3 months on wind and rain, spring is finally here. The temperatures are going up, and the sun is coming out. For all the details on the seasonal change, our intrepid Weather Ferret JR joined us once again.

A Spring Treat

Last week we had some lovely spring weather around Perth. Last Wednesday was the warmest September day in Perth for two years, with a maximum of 25.9°C. It was also the warmest day this year since the 18th of May. We’re still a way off hitting our record September maximum of 34.2°C recorded in 2014. Even still, we’re likely to experience a warmer September than last year, when the average maximum was just 18.5°C, compared to the average of 20.3.

September Rain

So far this month we’ve had 19.4mm of rain on 6 rain days, including 5.2mm recorded last night. We’re beginning to fall behind though. Our average up to this point is 36.9mm, with a monthly average of 81.0mm. The good news is that we’ve already bested the driest September on record. in 1918 we only had 8.7mm of rain for the month.

Kimberley Double

Overnight on Saturday, the Kimberley managed to feature both the warmest and coldest locations in the state. Mount Elizabeth was coldest with 6.4°C, while Troughton Island only dropped to 24.9°C.

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