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Something very special happened in the last 10 minutes. The tally jumped up $20,000!

CEO, Bevan came on the air to explain what happened because it was quite an emotional, bitter sweet moment.


A very special member of the family got in touch to give us a substantial gift of $10,000 in loving memory of her recently passed husband Jeff.

“What do I say? I’m so honoured that Pat gave to us, but the circumstances have blown me away, out of the grief of losing her husband she’s given to us to spread hope” said Bevan. “The money you’ve given is going to be used so well, and so wisely.”

AND, what makes this gift just absolutely mind blowing, is that Pat gave during our Tally Booster challenge. In this challenge, one of our supporters Andrew said he would match every dollar given. So, when Pat gave her gift she asked if that too would be matched. Andrew came straight back and said, “God bless Pat, of course it’s going to be matched.”

They put us where we’re at now. We always say June appeal is about amazing stories and amazing people and we’ve been witnessing that all day.

Join us on this amazing journey.

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