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A Mum shared a clever hack to take the stress out of the morning school rush.

Getting the kids ready in the morning can be such a hassle. Thankfully, one mum shared her clever clock hack to take the stress out of the morning school rush. It helps children visualise their morning routine and understand what times certain tasks need to be completed. “How about helping young kids visualise their time by colour-coordinating labelling their morning tasks on a clock so they know when they need to get everything done by?” She said in her Tiktok video. 

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The clock shows that her kids need to wake up between 8 am and 8:05 am. Before 8:10 am they need to brush their teeth. By 8:15 they need to be dressed. They have 10 minutes to eat their breakfast, and another 10 to pack their back and leave the house. She also suggested having some pre-made breakfast and snack pouches you can grab on the go.

Bec thinks this is a genius hack even though her kids might be too young. “One might be able to do it but the others are a bit young to follow a colour-coded clock. But I love that so much. Anything that is going to make my mornings hassle free, I will give it a go.”

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