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Take Me Home is brand new series on Channel Nine. It is a heart-warming series about rangers in the Pilbara region who work with volunteers and local foster carers to save the lives of dogs and other pets who have been lost and forgotten.

Sue Hedley founder of animal rescue organisation SAFE Inc, joined Bec and Jeziel to tell us more. After the premiere on Friday, viewers are excitedly waiting for the next episode. “Many people have said they were crying by the end of it. We’ve evoked a lot of emotion from people which means there is a message getting through.”

Sue’s favourite story is about Molly the Border Collie. Her owners were elderly and felt like they couldn’t look after her properly. Molly lived with a foster carer until she found her forever home with a couple who owned a river cruise business. “It was inappropriate for Molly to stay where she was. It is an example of loving owners who give up their animals because they love them.”

They’ve built up a massive network of foster carers. “It is a common place for people who live in regional areas. We take on every animal and make sure we find somewhere.”

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