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Love for the Long Haul

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’ll never forget the counselling session with Al and Olivia. Olivia fought back tears. “Al says he doesn’t love me anymore. He’s found someone else.”

Born Survivors: An Online Suicide Prevention Course

Reading Time: 1 minute

Unfortunately, suicide impacts many thousands of Australian families every year.  Despite many government and mental health initiatives, programs and resources aimed at reducing suicide, people are still taking their own...

Clearing Out the Clutter – Focus On The Family

Reading Time: 1 minute

By staff writers Frequent Focus on the Family guest Kathi Lipp shares how to eliminate clutter, something that has the potential to create stress and conflict in family relationships. She...

Teaching good manners to your kids

Reading Time: 1 minute

By staff writers In this two part Focus on the Family podcast, featured guest Mrs. Donna Jones, who wrote Raising Kids with Good Manners, shares how important good manners will be...