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On Thursday, 3 August, the Supreme Court handed down their decision regarding the case of the City of Swan V West Australian Shalom Group Inc, better known as Shalom House.

Shalom House is a men’s residential rehabilitation centre located in the Swan Valley and required an approval to operate in its current location within the City of Swan, which was refused.

Following a consideration by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) in 2016, the program was classified by the SAT as “use not listed” and referred back to the City for reconsideration of its decision on the merits of the program. The City appealed the SAT decision to the Supreme Court.

This latest outcome has seen the Supreme Court sending the matter back to the SAT for a determination according to the law, taking guidance from the Supreme Court decision.

Simon Steenhof of Steenhof Brothers; Shalom House founder and CEO Peter Lyndon-James, ; John Steenhof of Steenhof Brothers

From Shalom House founder and CEO Peter Lyndon-James:

We believe the Supreme Court decision is a good result for Shalom House. It means that it stays open, and we are able to continue our work in restoring the lives of men and families in our community.

This decision is one step toward an outcome. Our residents, staff and volunteers are hopeful that the City will approve the program, agree to work and communicate with us towards finding a favourable solution for all and come on board with assisting those in need.

When this case first commenced, we had just over 30 residents, one property and some five, six staff members. We now have 120 residents, over 50 staff and volunteers, across 10 properties. The circumstances have changed significantly, so it would be great for the lines of communication with the City of Swan to open.

We are optimistic about the future and look forward to this matter being resolved.

I take this opportunity to thank our lawyers Simon and John Steenhof of Steenhof Brothers Solicitors & Barristers and Peter Lochore for all the work and pro-bono representation they have provided Shalom House. story: Perth drug rehab centre Shalom House to stay open after Supreme Court ruling

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