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If you had to guess what age the current oldest person in the world is, what would you say? On Summer Brekky this morning Mike guessed 108 years old when Rach asked him.

“Close, Rach replied. “Well actually, when you get to that age every year is an accomplishment, maybe you’re not that close Mike.”

The oldest person in the world is Kane Tanaka from Japan who is 117 years old!


Supercentenarian - Kane Tanaka

She has a surprising habit which Rach said made her feel better about herself. Apparently Kane has a huge sweet tooth. Her favourites are candy and canned coffee. Her family say shes constantly snacking even though the nursing home where she lives tries to regulate Kane’s diet. Though I suppose when you’re that old you can eat whatever you want without listening to anyone. Supercentenarian - Kane Tanaka

As a 117-year-old, Kane is known as a Supercentenarian. Which is such an epic way to be titled. If you’re like me and would also love to be known as a supercentenarian, all we have to do is live past 110 years old. Even if you can just make it to 100 years, you’ll be able to call yourself a centenarian – which is still so legendary.

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