Sue Joy: Tackling the Daily Dinner Dilemma

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 2:44 pm
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“MUM!! What’s for dinner??” Sound familiar? The pressure to get a tasty yet nutritious meal on the dinner table every evening can be a burden. In this 21st Century, many families consist of two working parents, and making a home-cooked meal gets thrown in the too hard basket. 

As a working Mum of two kids, I struggle with the daily dinner dilemma. I want to prepare my kids healthy home-cooked meals but energy levels are low, at the end of a hard work day. I end up reaching for the packet and jarred sauces and feeling guilty.

Regular Weekdays Guest Sue Joy, has created recipes that tick the easy, healthy and tasty, boxes. Sue shared some of her recipes when she dropped in for a chat with Mike.

Sue’s key points to a easy, healthy meal:

  • Keep it simple (save those new tricky recipes for the weekend or days off)
  • Keep it Real: Stay away from processed packet foods (full of nasty additives)
  • Includes: Protein, Vegetables and Healthy Fats
  • Back up: Have 3 Easy ‘go-to’ recipes on the back of the Pantry door

For more info, check out Sue’s blog and recipes at The Joyful Table

You can listen to the full conversation with Sue Joy and Mike below:


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