Sue Joy: Eggcellent Easter Goodies

Thursday, April 1, 2021 11:06 am
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No need to ‘Sugar Coat’ these amazing Easter Recipes! You’ll ditch the processed store bought Hot Cross Buns in favour of these delectable easy-to-make treats!

Sue Joy, Author of the Joyful Table once again dropped in for a chat with Mike on the Weekdays Show (and stuffed him with scrummy Easter treats). Sue loves to share her passion for healthy cooking and aims to equip people with easy to follow recipes.

One would not associate Easter with healthy food; mountains of Chocolate and Hot Cross Buns packed with preservatives. Not many make it through the weekend without a stomach ache and a post-Easter dental appointment. No one can make Easter healthy…right? Wrong…step in Sue Joy… “Challenge accepted”!

Sue has created FOUR different Hot Cross Bun Recipes to cater for different allergies and diets: Gluten, Nuts, Paleo etc.

Make your own delicious Strawberry Cream Easter Eggs (with real fresh Strawberries) and Choc covered Marshmallow Rabbits and Chicks. On the surface the health of these recipes is questionable but as always Sue only uses natural ingredients.

You don’t need me harping on about how amazing these recipes are! Check them out by following the link below

Hop to it!!

Easter Chocolate Coated Marshmallows, Hot Cross Buns plus more Easter Treats!

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