Succulents can turn any thumb green

Friday, October 27, 2017 10:52 am

Colin Barlow from Gardens of Eden gave us great suggestions for succulents that are extremely easy to care for and can make anyone feel like they have a green thumb.

Colin and Mike were flooded with gardening questions via SMS and phone calls this morning. Here are some of them:

  • Everything in my garden is looking amazing and flourishing but my Frangipani is showing pale yellow leaves and not very lively. Trunk is firm, well drained soil, good sun. What’s happening?
  • Could you tell me what care Cousin It native plants need? Also how big they get, and if planted en masse how far apart should they be?
  • Can you tell me about the care of┬áSolandra Golden Chalice Vine and where to buy one? My mum had one in the 60s.
  • Can I prune my Protea, and how far can I go?
  • My nectarine tree is flowering but in the last couple of weeks the flowers have dried up and many of the leaves have crinkled up but are still green. Any thoughts?
  • I’m having trouble with my dwarf lime in a pot. It’s grown well with lots of flowers since planting 2 years ago but each year all the flowers drop off without any fruit growing.
  • I’m just starting to compost and want to get some tips on the best way to do it.

Have a similar situation and would like to hear what Colin’s response was? Click here for the podcast of this morning’s gardening show:


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By Jezamine Chan | Mornings producer

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