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Every Monday Kirste and Dan ask our roving neighbourhood reporters to let the family know breaking news in the burbs.

Kate reported from Southern River, residents were on edge when police were parked outside her neighbour’s house and a nearby major road was blocked off. A week later they found out someone had axed in her neighbour’s door and intruded! But there were still so many questions to be answered. The homeowner was nowhere to be found. “She was gone her car wasn’t there.” Soon after the woman returned and explained she was in hospital as she had a brain tumour! “She was like ah yeah, had some people come through and they stole my wallet. I was like uhhh. okay?”

When Sonya lived in west Leederville, their neighbours house was robbed and the burglar managed to escape. Six months later they heard, they woke up to a detective banging on their neighbour’s house to open the door. The next day Sonya called the police department o complain about the noise, but their detective hadn’t gone to that house that night. It was a young boy pretending to be from the police. A few weeks earlier the same boy was also caught breaking into cars! “That’s probably why you don’t live there anymore.”

Do you have any breaking news to report? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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