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Every Monday Kirste and Dan ask our roving neighbourhood reporters to let the family know breaking news in the burbs.

Dan reported from Golden Bay, where his neighbour has started singing karaoke in his garage. “Six to seven songs were sung. None of them in key.” Louise reported devastation at Hillary’s boat harbour on Sunday night, due to a significant power failure. “My question is how did they pay?” The power was restored at 3AM Monday morning.

Crossing over to Fay in Thornlie, where residents were constantly hearing gunshots. Turning to the Thornlie Community Facebook Page for answers, curious residents were told “it was a car backfiring.” Throwing to Audrey in Gosnells, where a woman was swindled by dodgy furniture movers, advertising $140 per hour. Sounds too good to be true? It was. Minimum charge was 5 hours even for a 2 and half hour job. “Daylight robbery. Man charged on his credit card. The woman was left in shock.”

Do you have any suburban breaking news? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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