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Every Monday Kirste and Dan ask our roving neighbourhood reporters to let the family know breaking news in the burbs.

Something is living in Producer Leon’s roof. “It sounds enormous and I’m pretty sure it lifts up tiles to get in.” He can hear something scurrying around and the sound of a tile being lifted.” He thinks it might be alien and plans on installing a camera to confirm his suspicions.

Kirste and her husband were awoken by a loud beeping noise at 2 am. They eventually figured out that the power went out and their house alarm beeps every 30 seconds. Her husband tried to turn it off but accidentally made the alarm go off! “Boom the whole alarm goes off for like 10 seconds…I’m like this is driving me mad.” In Bassendean, Michelle reported that a cat is spraying her front door. “I have put enough essential oils to smell out the neighbours and hopefully the cat won’t come back!”

Let us know the breaking news around your neighbourhood by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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