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Bec and Jeziel decided to share some good news stories that will make you smile.

Students learnt the founder of Snapchat paid off their college debt. The class of 2022, at an LA art school, were overjoyed when they heard their entire student loan had been paid. By the college’s most successful alumni, Evan Spiegel co-founder of Snapchat. The gift cost more than $10 million and was added to by model Miranda Kerr, Spiegel’s wife.

The Netherlands have added Airport Pigs. Twenty pigs have joined a six-week program designed to reduce the number of bird strikes. The pigs are to eat up plant life between the runways that appeal to birds. They are hoping the pigs will help solve a nagging problem in aviation. In 2020, there were 150 birds were hit and in America, 16 000 incidents occur every year. But so far the pigs have been a success, with no bird strikes recently recorded. They are currently assessing if the pigs should permanent be a part of their safety program.

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