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If you tune in to a single news source you would know that the whole world is talking about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement. The global uproar, American protests and social media support to end racism was sparked by the death of George Floyd, an African American man who was pinned down by police officers until he could no longer breathe.

As many have been, The Brekky Team have been reflecting on their own privilege and searching for ways to respond. To help us navigate our feelings we reached out to our friend Steve McAlpine from Third Space.

So, how do we have conversations with our own families about everything that’s going on?

Context is everything.  Steve believes that to help our families and our kids what’s going on we have to discuss the context. If they’re asking about why people are rioting and if people should be doing it, explain why it’s so emotional for these people.

Making it personal, bringing the story down to the point of talking about a person, using their name, make’s these stories real and gives a context that other people can relate to.

“Only when there is truth faced before that person is reconciliation possible.”

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