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Steve McAlpine from Third Space poses an interesting question during the Coronavirus era: what have we learnt?

We’re now in a space as Australians where we are being told our kids can go back to school. Steve’s own son is heading back today. Unlike the other kids of Instagram though, his son isn’t now fluent in Italian, or a genius coder.

Rather, Steve is just happy that his son can still hold a coherent conversation!

But it did raise an interesting question from Steve. What have we learnt as people now that things are starting get gradually go back to normal?

What has changed? What hasn’t changed?

Steve proposes that perhaps people have discovered that we really can’t control a future that hasn’t happened yet. The control that we thought we had was non-existent; the plans that we made turned out to be fragile at best.

Maybe, just maybe, circumstances that are beyond our control, like the Coronavirus, place humanity in a state of vulnerability.

The lack of control is possibly right where God wants us to be. For those of us who know God, it is time to rely on God and give up control.

For those who are not sure about God or are thinking about their own existence in this world, is it time to consider that maybe there is someone greater than us who has always been in control?

Listen to Brekky’s full conversation with Steve McAlpine below:

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