Dad Diaries regular, Rory Shiner from Providence Church, joined Kirste and Morro on Brekky this morning discuss disciplining children.

Rory is the father of four boys, all under 12 years old, so discipline is a regular occurrence for him and his wife. He made it clear though, that discipline is not a defining action in raising children that they’ll remember forever.

“Whatever mistakes parents make, as an adult I look back on the mistakes my parents did or didn’t make, and despite them, they really did love us and they were doing their best”

Sometimes it’s all about showing your kids that you’re in their corner, even if in their eyes it looks like you aren’t.

If you were looking for some practical advice, well Rory has got you covered there. Enter the footy field.

“We have a picture of a footy oval on our wall and we use that to talk about boundaries. We want to communicate to our kids that once you’re in the boundaries, you’re free, go for it. We only exercise discipline when my kids have stepped out of the boundaries. But, you want to be in the boundaries because that’s where the fun is!”

The full Dad Diary with Rory Shiner is available to listen to below.

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