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Every day Kirste, Dan and Producer Leon serve up a yummy dish of Newsli. (Like Muesli, get it?)

Several West Australians have lost thousands after a dog breeder failed to give them the puppies they had pre-paid for.

Customers have reported Cassandra Warren, a registered dog breeder in Busselton, to Consumer Protection. Thirteen disgruntled customers have come forward but only six have received refunds. The remaining seven have yet to receive their puppy or a refund, which totals more than $5500.

Starving polar bear pleaded for help after getting a can stuck in its mouth.

This heart-breaking video shows a starving polar bear pleading for help after it got a can stuck in its mouth. The tin was wedged over the polar bear’s tongue and the sharp edge caused even more pain. After residents failed to remove it they called a team of vets for help. Svetlana Akulova, general director of Moscow Zoo, said: ‘The plan is to sedate the bear, set it free and move it further away from the settlement.”

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