Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoiler free review

Thursday, December 17, 2015 3:01 pm
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The long wait is over and the news is good! The Force Awakens has delivered the new dawn fans have hoped for.

The world’s favourite sci-fi space opera awakens in a visually-spectacular seventh installment guaranteed to enthrall fans.

star wars 3

Storm troopers take guard in Star Wars Episode VII.  Source: Lucasfilm

Our very own Shane McCarthy departed the screening of The Force Awakens a very happy man. So much so, that he is seeing it twice in one day!

Podcast: Shane McCarthy reviews Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Drive

“The movie was sensational…it brings the spirit, the humour and the adventure back.”

For the past three days, McCarthy has been on a hiatus from all forms of social media, just to ensure his first viewing experience was not ruined.

“I went in knowing nothing, and what an incredible experience.The characters are wonderful and so different from each other, and there are so many great little moments that you can’t help but laugh at.”

star wars 2

Cinemas across the world were packed with fans this morning. Source: Lucasfilm

Being the good sport that he is, McCarthy wouldn’t deny or confirm if Mark Hamill was in the movie, but parted with these words for fans who haven’t yet booked their tickets.

“What an amazing film – Star Wars is back. The adventure is there, go and see it, take your kids. Go and give a new generation something to love.”

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