Youthcare powers 400 chaplains in 600 schools

Thursday, November 14, 2019 10:15 am
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Every second Friday The Brekky Team hit the road and roll out to a Perth primary school for Free Coffee Friday! It’s definitely one of the best times of the fortnight. We get to meet real people in the community, find out about the awesome things the teachers and chaplains are doing for our kids and meet students that seriously blow us away!

Perth is pumping out a ripper of a next generation.

Many people are unaware of the heroes that our school chaplains are. They work away in the background, supporting the well being of the school community. One of the best kinds of conversations we have on FCF mornings is when we chat with the principals who rave about their chaplains and tell us how crucial they are to the sanity and health of their community.

Even Premier Mark McGowan realises the necessity of school chaplains. Last year he gathered all 13 chaplains in his electorate and had an in-depth, hours-long catch up about what’s going on in their schools, what they’re working on and what support they need.

This is all possible because of a special organisation: Youthcare. Youthcare not only powers 400 chaplains in 600 schools, but they support our Free Coffee Friday mornings! This morning we got to hang out with the head honcho, CEO Stanley Jeyaraj!

Stanley shared a great little story of how three chaplains in regional WA, are actually chaplains to the principals of there schools too! Not only are they speaking into the lives of the children, but they’re speaking and counselling the community leaders out there.

Stanley says he so greatly appreciates the partnership we have together (and so do we!) but he also loves what 98five provides for families.

“I go into the hairdressers (not that I have a lot of hair) or into the shops and I hear you playing and I think you’re a safe pair of hands, people can trust their children with you, what if you weren’t around? What would the kids be listening to? So get out there and send that money through because we do not want a day without 98five!”

Listen to the full conversation between The Breakfast Show and Stanley Jeyaraj, CEO of Youthcare and have a listen to how he went in our Family Name Game.


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