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There is a place in the community that most people feel really comfortable accessing. A safe, interesting place that’s open across convenient hours and that’s your public library. Which is why St Pat’s have chosen to set up a new outreach centre around these spaces.

St Pat’s are very excited to announce the launch of a pilot program based out of Fremantle Library and the concept is simple: a support worker will be stationed there to connect with people right there and then. CEO Michael Piu joined The Brekky Show to chat about the new initiative.

The people that St Pat’s are hoping to reach through this program are generally those who are new to or are at risk of homelessness. These people may not know where to ask for help, where to start or are not yet comfortable with visiting the St Pat’s day centre for support. So St Pat’s want to connect with them as soon as possible before they become even more vulnerable.St Pat's are Meeting Perth's vulnerable people where they are, in the library

“And it’s really important to reach them quickly. You know, because whether it’s mental health suffering, or it’s a financial situation you’re dealing with, the sooner you can get help, you know, the sooner you can be on the road to recovery, and you can reduce the harm immediately in the long term,” said Michael Piu.

This service has been trialled across North America producing really positive results, and even though this is a brand new project in Australia Michael Piu is confident it’s going to help some of our community’s most vulnerable.

Along with this new program, St Pat’s have also come alongside 98five’s Heart for the Homeless appeal to collect much-needed items for Perth’s rough sleepers. To find out more or to support the appeal, find more information here.

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