St Pat’s Gives Hope to the Homeless

Thursday, November 18, 2021 4:18 pm
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St Pat’s works with the homeless in the south west metropolitan region. They serve the community through meals, welfare, education and pat's

Traci Cascioli, the COO of St Pats, joined us for Radiothon! Their day centre in Fremantle provides meals, health services, housing support, outreach, accommodation and emergency relief. Each day 100 people approach them for assistance. Unfortunately the issue of homelessness has been increasing, with 30 000 people are on the housing waitlist. “It really can affect anyone. All walks of life.”

We partnered with St Pat’s for our ‘Heart for the Homeless’ appeal to collect warm clothes and sleeping bags for the homeless. Traci was on the frontlines distributing the items. “I remember the day the van came packed to the rafters with all the goodies. It was so gratefully received.” 

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