St George’s Cathedral: A 60 year celebration…

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 5:25 pm
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Perth’s St George’s Cathedral is celebrating 60 years since it hosted the first live TV broadcast of a play in WA.

On Friday, The Dean of St George’s Cathedral, The Very Reverend Chris Chataway spoke with Weekdays presenter Mike Crichton.

He said, “on Thursday 4th March, the Cathedral will again host the historical play, ‘A Sleep of Prisoners’.

The play was first performed at St George’s Cathedral in 1961 and broadcast live on the ABC.

It was Christopher Fry’s lyrical meditation on life, death, violence, and purgatory.

Set during World War II, four English soldiers are trapped in a bombed out Cathedral. It reveals the dreams of each soldier and their attitude to life and death.

Tickets available through:

Listen to the whole conversation below.


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