Spud Mountain vs Brekky

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 7:04 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

By Corey Sutton

This Thursday, Kirste and Morro will embark on an expedition (spudpedition?) that no man or woman has ever taken before: to eat out an entire hot chip vending machine in 3 hours!

This beast can only churn out 30 serves of chips in one day, but 30 in an hour consumed on Brekky? That’s a stretch! So Kirste and Morro have called on the family for help and advice on how best to scale Spud Mountain and place the We Love Spuds flag on the summit.

spud mountain 2

Here is a photo of the monster known only as Spud Mountain to Redcliffe locals.

However, they needed sherpas to help Kirste and Morro up the mountain, so Russell kindly said he’d tackle six buckets of chips personally – what a guy!

They still need more sherpas though, so if you want to help have a crack at the mountain, then there is plenty of space on this mission for more daring individuals.

Can Spud Mountain be conquered by Kirste, Morro and the 98five family? Only time will tell.


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