Spud Mountain III: The Potato Diaries

Thursday, March 2, 2017 9:29 am

2nd Mar 2017

Dear Spudster,

Sorry for neglecting you for this long, it has been a long few weeks in the journey to building our very own spud farm.

After learning what a work order is, we set about contacting Ainsley, part of our listening family, and giving him his own work order to start construction on our spud boxes.

He has so kindly and more importantly, for free, built our boxes and will deliver them this week. Here is a photo of the finished product:

We’re one step closer to planting.

Does anyone know what is the best kind of potato to grow?

Farmette Kirste and Farmer Morro

24th Feb 2017

Dear Spudsters,

Today was a significant step in the mission to create our own spud farm.

It is no lie we know nothing about growing potatoes, but we do know that somewhere in the near future we will be eating our very own produce, so now we just have to fill in the blank space between idea and end goal.

Today, Mornings with Mike so generously invited us onto his weekly gardening chat with Colin Barlow. He showed up what potatoes growing actually looked like – there’s more dirt than we expected!

16th Feb 2017

Dear Spudsters,

Today we broke ground in front of a great turnout — the work experience kid.

We did send out invites to everyone else but understandably they couldn’t make it as one was on ‘unpacking the dishwasher duties’, another said ‘they had to go check the letterbox’ — which is incredible because we didn’t even know we had a letterbox at the Studio…we even searched after the potato ground breaking ceremony and it’s certainly been put in a really safe place!

Anyway, we’re sure they’ll all come to the next event to help our mission as we grow our own glorious spuds.

The plot outside the Studio window is prime for growing*, and we are ready to prepare the earth for planting the seeds.

One of the family, Ainsley, has offered to help construct our farm, however, he says we need to send him a Work Order first.


Now anyone else in the fam know what a Work Order is?

Please help.

Farmette Kirste and Farmer Morro

*We’re still trying to get in contact with the Mornings show gardening expert to confirm this but we’ve had a look and you can just tell. 


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