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Monday, August 26, 2019 11:50 am
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AFL premiereship player, Jack Darling is arguably playing the best football he ever has with a personal best of 54 goals. In the lead up to Father’s Day he’s also been nominated for The Philips Sports Dad of The Year.



“First things first, what did Max and Leo think of this weekend’s performance?” asked Morro.

“Well as a 2 year old and a 7 month old, they didn’t see much. But the next day I told them I scored a goal for them each and they were pretty stoked,” replied Jack Darling.

 Photo: Eagles player Jack Darling with his wife Courtney and child Max. (Instagram: @jackdarling27)

Photo: Eagles player Jack Darling with his wife Courtney and child Max. (Instagram: @jackdarling27)

So what’s Jack like as a dad?

On Jack’s day off his wife Courtney works, so what do the three Darling boys get up to when they have some time alone? Jack takes the boys for a walk down to the local park so they can run out their energy while dad has a coffee. Then he takes them home and feeds them and they sleep the rest of the arvo!

One of the biggest surprises Jack experienced after becoming a dad is how much you can actually love your kid. Jack was surprised by how different the  type of love is between him and his partner and  him and his kids. “They’re so dependant on you and they’re vulnerable and innocent, and you’re just so protective.”

It seems like the more kids Jack has, the better his football becomes! The ABC claimed he was reborn last season, playing some of the best football of his life and was crucial in the Eagles 8-straight wins, which came after the birth of his first son. After having his second son, he’s now at the top of the ladder for goal scoring! “It’s definitely my secret recipe, I come from a big family so I hope there’s more on the way.”

Apart from becoming a better footy player, he reckons his kids have made him more relaxed and more silly too. All they want to do is have fun, which Jack thinks is a pretty cool mindset.

This year is an extra special Father’s Day for Jack. He’s had a baby in January and his three sisters are all due to give birth this year too! A big year for the Darlings.

Sports Dad of the Year

Jack Darling has been nominated as Sports Dad of the Year “I’m so grateful to be nominated, I’m a proud father, all I want, what all we want, is for our kids to be happy and healthy. Leo came a bit early and he was in the NICU for a while, since then Courtney and I have been passionate about supporting Little Hands, who help families through their NICU journey. If I win I get to donate $5,000 to them and they’re so close to my heart.”

If you want to support Jack and Little Hands, vote for him to win Sports Dad of the Year!

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