100 children have been sponsored!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 1:54 pm
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Thank you Family! Together we have sponsored 100 children and changed the Village of Lucena!

Thank you for being a part of 98Five’s Sponsor a Village day with Compassion! We saw our village come alongside the Lucena City village in the Philippines and help provide a hope more powerful than poverty!

You know, poverty tells a child that “You don’t matter, you are nothing. Life will always be this way.”. We’re grateful for friends like you who were a part of this special day and heard the stories of some of these children like three-year-old Jericho.

Jericho, sponsor a village day

His story was of a child who suffered from malnutrition which has stunted his growth.

His family’s future was uncertain: the land owner could have evicted them at any time. Jericho regularly went to bed hungry. His mum is sick and his father’s job as a pedicab driver doesn’t provide enough income to meet their needs. But that story has changed, thanks to people just like you. Through sponsorship his story has changed and has been re written. Now he will no longer go to bed hungry. He will have an education and has a bright future. Now 100 children, a whole village have a new story. New lives not constricted by the chains of poverty.

We wanted to say thank you again for making a powerful difference in the community of Lucena City and creating a real and lasting change for a child like Jericho.


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