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Leon’s Newsli serving

Spider-Man had a bit of a mishap at Disneyland. The Avengers campus at Disneyland California, has multiple rides and is an immersive experience for Marvel fans. One of the main attractions is a Spider-Man stunt show performed by a cast member and voiced by Tom Holland. At the climax of the show the cast member is replaced by an animatronic which sails from building to building, but audiences were shocked when Spidey crashed into the building!


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Kirste’s platter of news

Good news for Scooby Doo fans. The iconic Mystery Machine, from the 2002 animated film, is available for 3 overnight stays on Airbnb.

Guests will be immersed in Y2K nostalgia and get to live like Shaggy (TM) and Scooby Doo (TM) in the Mystery Machine, including:

  • A virtual greeting from yours truly upon arrival – I may even share some of my favorite memories with the meddling kids
  • Plenty of throwbacks to 2002, including listening to the latest Sugar Ray album on a portable CD player, basking in the glow of a lava lamp and donning Shaggy’s signature puka shell necklace
  • All-you-can-eat snacks and a selection to choose from for dinner, featuring all of Shaggy & Scooby’s favorite foods (like hot dogs and eggplant burgers)
  • Mystery games galore so you can put your own whodunit-solving skills to the test
  • A late-night re-watch of Scooby-Doo, complete with popcorn, candy and all the Scooby Snacks that your heart can desire
  • An outdoor setup with enough lounge seating and hammock space for you to vibe out. Free from any monsters that might be lurking about

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