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A German martial artist broke the Guinness World Record for most coconuts smashed with one hand

Muhamed Kahrimanovic broke the record for the sixth time, after smashing 148 coconuts in one minute. He attempted the record for a sixth time on the Milan set of Italian TV series Lo Show Dei Record. Competitors are allowed to use alternating hands to set the record, but each coconut must be broken with a strike from a single hand. He has since been nicknamed ‘Hammer Hands’ for his numerous world records for breaking objects with his hands.

A woman on a fishing trip off the coast of Florida was impaled by sailfish

73-year-old Katherine Perkins, was immediately rushed to hospital. Two men on board caught the fish on a line and were attempting to reel it in. Before it charged towards the boat, leapt out of the water and stabbed the woman in the groin as it landed on the boat.


Hamster returns to earth safely after being launched into the stratosphere on a flying balloon.

The hamster reached a maximum altitude of 23km and was recovered from Japan’s Miyako Island. Iwatani Giken, the company behind the experiment, is hoping to bring space travel to the masses. They designed this experiment to give consumers confidence.

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