Sneakers, joggers, runners or… SANDSHOES!?

Thursday, June 10, 2021 11:32 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We all know that while we all mostly speak english, there are many different varieties. And even within that, there’s a ton more! Just because we’re rambling on in Australian English, doesn’t mean we say the same things. Milk bar vs deli. Swimmers vs togs vs bathers. Stroller vs pram. 


While these are all pretty harmless, one particular argument caught the eye of Dan and Leon on brekky this week. PhD linguist Sydney Kingstone released a map showing how different regions of Australia apparently call shoes. Okay, not just shoes, but the shoes you exercise in. Most of us would know them as runners, joggers or sneakers. Dr Kingstone’s map however contended that most of the Perth area was split between sandshoes and  volleys (what!?).

Not content with what could easily be East Coast shoe propaganda, Dan decided this needed to be settled by the family. A quick poll on the textline revealed some interesting results:

  • The common consensus is that sneakers is most correct, however joggers/runners is close behind.
  • Perth’s higher than average South African population chimed in to let us know that back home they’re sometimes called tekkies or takkies (cool!)
  • Sandshoes was commonly agreed to be an older style of naming
  • One listener interestingly suggested that sneakers was a more American name.
  • Paul doesn’t exercise, so all of his shoes are loafers. Onya Paul!

In truth, this is a question perhaps best answered by a shoe expert. to hear the full shoe chat, check out the podcast below!

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